The textbook “I speak Bulgarian. Bulgarian language for foreigners” is published by Faber. The system consists of two parts, which include a textbook, workbook and 2 CDs. The material in both textbooks is oriented for levels A1-B2 from the Common European Language Framework.

I speak Bulgarian – Part one

This is a textbook in Bulgarian language for beginners. The presented material is provided for 120-150 study hours for group training and for 100-120 study hours for individual training. The acquired language competence in Bulgarian may correspond to level A1 upon mastering the main part of the presented vocabulary and language structures or to A2 upon full mastering of the presented vocabulary and language structures.

The grammatical and lexical in the textbook are separated into 14 lessons which are include texts and dialogues, on the basis of which of which the respective grammatical and lexical material is mastered. In addition, the textbook contains information about the life and culture of the Bulgarian: holidays, food, drinks, eating time, working hours, relationships between different generations, accuracy, gifts and more.

The grammatical material includes basic knowledge about the gender and number of nouns and adjectives, about the types of pronouns, about the conjugation of the verb and the formation and use of the basic verb tenses, about the different types of sentences.

Communicating in Bulgarian – Part Two

The textbook supports the transition from level A of proficiency in the Bulgarian language to level B1. His target group are people who want to learn Bulgarian as a foreign language in order to use it in various life and professional situations.

The textbook includes 15 lesson complexes, whose topics meet the needs of modern man. focused on topics of everyday life (introduction, family, everyday life, shopping, visiting, health, professions, travel, services, free time), as well as to more complex problems (media, past and present, ecology, behavioral and mental stereotypes, cultural specifics).

The lessons are organized on a modular basis and include sections for the development of basic language skills and competencies: reading, listening, speaking, writing. An opportunity is created for expanding the lexical stock on the indicated topics, as well as for expanding and consolidating grammatical units at morphological and syntactic level.